Monday, May 31, 2010

Battle Report; Storyline change pt.1

You will now notice a big change in my blog. Don't worry you are still at the old Elysian 5th site but with a new look and story.

I've played my buddy a couple of times with my army and can't seem to take advantage of my assault so I changed my storyline to benefit more from my codex then I did before. So my storyline goes like this;

My old army (the Elysian 5th) has been decimated by an ork assault on government dignitaries and their families on the local planet of Blue Star. The regimental Commander Francisco Castillo was relieved of his duties and was sent to Terra for formal reprimand by high command. The remnants of the regiment(company sized) were sent to the planet of Saint Praxedes in the Ultima Segmenta. The Governess of the Planet placed the remnants under their fifth elite air regiment to take advantage of their air assault prowess.

My army is now fieded into battle as D Company, 5th S.C.A.R. (Special Commando Air Regiment). The company is now under the watchful eye of a Commissar Maria Rojo to observe any signs of xenos taint. The command is placed under one of the old surviving regiment lieutenants; now promoted to Colonel by the governess, Alexander "The Lion" Lyon. Under his command is one platoon; led by a lieutenant promoted from sergeant, Antonio "El Tigre" Crux. The company consists of surviving Elysians and Catachans.They fight with equipment they kept from losing to the orks and what they acquired on Saint Praxedes. D Company, 5th SCAR now fights for Honor and Redemption.
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