Saturday, October 23, 2010

The End...not really

I was looking into my guard army and contemplating with what I have and what there is available through Forgeworld and felt lost. I felt that it was unfair that the Elysian Drop Troops have changed so much from a GW codex army to a Forgeworld army. So now I am going to continue my army as a Cadian drop troop army. My army fluff will begin a new with the new campaign that the hobbytalk network is going to put up through . It's free to all who join the website. Podcasters say the campaign will begin Nov.1 so please stand by. This is not the end of my blogging but a refresh. My new site will be . So see you guys soon on my new site.

Friday, October 1, 2010


First off sorry for the long delay of a post just been busy finishing my whole army at record speed before the tournament and some new additions for the next one coming soon. I went 0-1-2 at the tourney. tied game 1 against a space marine bike arm, lossed miserably game 2 vs blood angels with jet packs and threw in the towel game 3 because of a family emergency that came up; but no worries all is good. I learned ALOT at the tourney and picked up a few tricks for my boys.

I played my sisters fiancée against his chaos army at 2000 pts.this pass Tuesday. I applied alot of learned tactics and shuffled a few things around in my list. I came out with claiming three objectives out of five while he claimed zero out of the five after 5 turns. If it were to continue I would have cleaned up the rest of his army.

... Almost forgot I added more paint to my Valkyrie and Vendetta I have now. Here are some pics of them. My Valkyrie and Vendetta's color schemes were inspired by the LAAT's from Clone wars. I also added a skull insignia on the Vendetta's tail wings, inspired by the old Macross series I watched as a kid.

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