Friday, July 2, 2010

PDFS and storyline change pt.2

As you all may know by now that GW has released to the public free PDFS of Witch Hunter and Daemon Hunter codex's if you sign up to their site. In the PDFS you will notice that they have removed allies from the PDFS for Daemon Hunters. You CAN take allies in a Witch Hunters army but not the other way. All in mind if you use the PDFS as your Codex. GW has released that gamers with the old codex's can still take allies for both armies.

I'm changing my story as a Rogue Imperial Guard army because of the lack of mercenary stories in 40k universe.The books I recently read of Imperial Guard from the black library, tells of units getting betrayed by either Sisters of Battle, the Imperial Ecclesiarchy, or the Imperial Government. My Story line goes like this:

Delta Co. was sent to fight another drawn out battle with the ORKs on the planet of Mousillon and were again overwelmed by the orks strength. The Imperial Guard company tactically withdrew further into the planet to prevent from being overwelmed by the enemy. During their movement, Delta company intercepted a vox cast message from the local ecclesiarchy condemning them to be tainted by xenos and are to be eliminated with extreme prejudice; including all allies. Delta company commander and commissar interupted the message to report otherwise and were both personally declared Excommunicate Traitoris AND Heretics of the Imperium. Delta soon gathered what they could and fled into uncharted plains of Mousillon that were deemed heavily contested Ork territory.
The company soon came across unhospitable lands wth no trace of life. Colonel DeLyon and his company soon came across a psychic being standing on a small black mound beckoning the colonel to go towards her. As Col. DeLyon approached her and began to hear her voice, without her having to speak, promising him safe haven for him and his company if they work for her. Promising the company gear, riches,wealth and safety an agreement was made between the two; without revelation of were who she was or were she came from.
Stories told amongst the company says that the psychic fights amongst them, that she is a beautiful sight to see; others reveal that the she fights as if possessed by chaos and only fights to fullfill her desire of war and revenge upon man. What is known of the psychic Inquisitor is little and that she reveals herself only to the Colonel and his sergeants, away from all curious eyes.
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