Thursday, September 16, 2010


I will be going to my first RTT this saturday at the Adventurer's Guild of Riverside in Riverside, CA. I never played there So I've been pretty busy working on my army of 2000 points. I will putting up pics of a couple conversions of veteran sergeants, a new model to represent Snake(Marbo), and a new Valkyrie w/ missile pods. If I get a chance maybe some pics from the tournament as well.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Storyline change pt.3

Looking at being myself and applying the new rules for Elysian deop troops in the 8th Imperial Armor book; I decided to redirect my forces from a heritical force to an Inquisitorial force with a little twist. I know fight anyone that is suspected of being contaminated of the Zombie Plague. Which unknowingly spreads throgh all reaches of the galaxy. So that means; fluff wise; I can ASSAULT any forces; xenos OR Imperial; that I SUSPECT of being infected by the zombie Plague. :)

My company; after meeting the psychic being; soon discovered that the person discovered belonged to the Ordo Sepulturum. The Inquisitor soon found ways to relinquish all charges of heresy from the ecclesiarchy and were granted a pardon and apology (that's how Inquisitor authority roll:) Now Delta 5 fight as a Special Strike Forge against those infected by the Zombie plague created by the evils of the galaxy under the direct authority of the Inquisition.
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