Friday, September 4, 2009

Shotguns for Vets.

I love the new Veterans squads for the Imperial guard. Yes they were around in the Catachan Codex but they were an elite choice. Now thy are a TROOP choice :). The lasgun is the most underrated conversion bit people think of. In the old Imperial Codex it was said that they lasgun is converted in many ways to fit the need of the individual guardsman. Keeping the fluff of the Imperial Guard and the fluff of my Regiment I want to include shotguns for FREE to my army list. I've been roaming online to convert lasguns into shotguns with the most minimal conversion but that still look good. One that look good was found here:

but the easiest conversion by far is this picture I found using only green stuff and cutting the front tip of the lasgun.

here is the pic.


the other Kevin said...
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the other Kevin said...

This one's one of my favorites:

Techpriest said...

I've also got a lasgun-to-shotgun conversion here:

But it's a bit more involved than just cutting the barrel. :)

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