Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ogryn conversion

I made this figure a while back not knowing how to apply them in my army. I first thought I can use it as a servitor for my Inquisition but now after reding an article I found from 40kimperialguard and looking at these incursion models and this battle suit; I now can use this conversion from a Tau XV15 stealth suit and Imperial guard head as an Ogryn. I can say they are battle suits *acquired* from a mercenary job against a tau unit, tinkered with and *bingo* power suits ala iron man.

1 comment:

sonsoftaurus said...

I like it, fits with the Elysian feel very well and isn't that big of a stretch - bigger/bulkier than regular troopers, burst cannon pretty similar to ripper gun, etc.

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