Saturday, September 11, 2010

Storyline change pt.3

Looking at being myself and applying the new rules for Elysian deop troops in the 8th Imperial Armor book; I decided to redirect my forces from a heritical force to an Inquisitorial force with a little twist. I know fight anyone that is suspected of being contaminated of the Zombie Plague. Which unknowingly spreads throgh all reaches of the galaxy. So that means; fluff wise; I can ASSAULT any forces; xenos OR Imperial; that I SUSPECT of being infected by the zombie Plague. :)

My company; after meeting the psychic being; soon discovered that the person discovered belonged to the Ordo Sepulturum. The Inquisitor soon found ways to relinquish all charges of heresy from the ecclesiarchy and were granted a pardon and apology (that's how Inquisitor authority roll:) Now Delta 5 fight as a Special Strike Forge against those infected by the Zombie plague created by the evils of the galaxy under the direct authority of the Inquisition.

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